Movie Time

Above: the movie poster for “El Cuervo”

Today was cold, rainy, and just plain dreary. So, my friends and I did exactly what we would have done in the U.S. on a day like today — went to the movies. The theater was in a very modern mall in Recoleta, and we decided to see “El Cuervo” — though at first we weren’t quite sure what the title meant. When we bought our tickets the cashier asked where we wanted to sit — apparently you get an assigned seat for movies here! The tickets were 42 pesos each, which at about $9 is a bit cheaper than in the U.S.

While in line for popcorn, a guy next to us asked me if I went to Tufts (I wearing a sweatshirt from the university), and said that he did as well! What are the chances?

After a bit of ice cream, we went down to the theater about 15 minutes before the showtime, expecting to be able to enter right away. But no — in Argentina the doors don’t open until about five minutes before the movie (well, the previews) starts.

The seats there were the most comfortable movie theater seats I’ve ever sat in, with fully padded armrests, lots of leg room (my tall friends appreciated that more than I did), and fixed bottoms that didn’t fold up.

We weren’t quite sure what language the movie would be in, whether it would be dubbed, and whether there would be subtitles. Turns out the movie was in English with Spanish subtitles — I wouldn’t have minded if the movie had been in Spanish, although I’ve been told most here are in English. We quickly figured out “El Cuervo” means “the raven,” and the movie was a (scary!) mystery about Edgar Allen Poe. It was certainly creative, not too bad for a mystery, and a nice way to spend a “feo” afternoon.

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