Running in the City

Above: the avenue 9 de Julio as the sun sets behind a building

Both at home and at school, I used to go for runs outdoors four to five times a week, and I’ve been trying to exercise as much as possible while here in Buenos Aires. I theoretically could have joined a gym, but that would, of course, have cost money; plus, I despise treadmills.

I’ve found that running through the city — any city really — is a great way to get to know the streets and go exploring; on the other hand, the sidewalks here are VERY crowded, often not well maintained, filled with vendors and subway stops, and there are lots of traffic lights and side streets. So, the long-distance runs that I enjoyed so much in the past have turned into a multi-athalon of obstacle courses, interval training, and tests of my coordination and reaction time. Some of my ninja moves have been quite impressive. (Don’t worry mom, I haven’t been hit by a car yet.)

I’ve only seen a handful of other people running on the streets, so I’m guessing this is not a normal thing to do. Granted, it probably wouldn’t be normal in downtown Manhattan either, but that probably explains all the strange looks I get. Oh well, being able to run outside is worth all the trouble.

3 responses to “Running in the City

    • why the comment on an old post? also, I’ve started running in the mornings now, before work. It’s still mostly dark out, but the streets are a lot less crowded!

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