I was warned by several people before I came here to be very careful with my belongings, as theft is a major problem in Buenos Aires. Obviously, I heeded their advice, and have tried to be prudent and aware of my surroundings.

However, apparently this wasn´t enough. My laptop was stolen this weekend — literally snatched from my hands as I was using it — at a crowded cafe, on a main street, in the middle of the afternoon. Short of not bringing my laptop to the cafe in the first place, there was nothing I could have done.

While the episode was frightening, sudden, and unexpected, I was thankfully not injured, and life goes on. I was told by several people in the cafe that this sort of thing happens all the time, although my host family said that it had never happened to anyone staying with them (wallets have been stolen, sure, but not a laptop). My host family has also graciously provided me with an old desktop computer to use in my room for the remainder of the summer, and I do still have my iPhone with me. 

As I did have all my files and photos backed up to a computer at home in the US, hopefully this incident will end up being nothing more than a minor (albeit expensive) inconvenience.

While I will continue to take pictures here in Argentina (being extra, EXTRA careful with my camera, of course), I will not be able to upload any more photos to this blog until I get home — so please forgive me for the lack of pretty pictures.

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