Porteños Love Their Pets

Although the city is dominated by small apartments and isn’t very grassy, many porteños nevertheless have dogs, some of which are quite large. I do see more dogs on leashes than strays, though I also see more piles of dog crap left on the sidewalk than people cleaning them up.

The people here are also very concerned about protecting their dear puppies from the frigid winter cold of 45 degrees. The prevalence of doggie sweaters is somewhat frightening — alongside the human hats and gloves spread out along the sidewalks of the main avenues is a varied selection of canine clothing. Indeed, the majority of dogs here usually wear some type of sweater or blanket, which is often adorned with logos of sports teams and sometimes resembles human clothing (see photo above).

Lots of dogs means lots of dog walks, and here dogs are walked in bulk. On multiple occasions I’ve seen one person surrounded by a mass of upwards of ten dogs (of all sizes, mind you), strolling casually around the streets. How said person is able to control all those puppies I have no idea, even if they are on leashes. Then again, there aren’t any squirrels in Buenos Aires…

While there are cats in the city, they seem to congregate in certain areas — such as the Recoleta cemetery, where they prowl the old tombs and alleyways — rather than roam the main streets. Last weekend while at a restaurant (if you could even call it that — it didn’t have heat) this little kitty came over, hopped onto my legs, and after a very generous round of chin scratching on my part, proceeded to fall asleep on my lap while I ate. After the meal, I looked down and saw a pile of crumbs on the still-dozing cat – my bad.


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