Strikes Galore

Today was the sixth day of a paro (“paro” means “stop,” but is used colloquially to mean a strike) by the subte (subway) workers, which means that for almost a week now the city has been without a functioning metro system. There have been strikes before, actually they’re rather common, but one of this length is unprecedented, not to mention a huge inconvenience for the hoards of people who use the subte everyday. Moreover, the lack of metro service has meant that the colectivos have been extremely crowded, as have the streets, and commutes that normally take half an hour now take three. (I walk to work and back, so this hasn’t been an issue for me.) Apparently, Argentina’s President, Cristina Kirchner, says that the head of the government of Buenos Aires should be responsible for negotiating with the unions over their wages, while he says the same thing about her.

Meanwhile, there have been two train crashes this week (unrelated to the subte strikes), adding another headache to the transportation chaos. Oh, and there’s also a  strike, albeit only for one day, in the 33 public hospitals as well, as that union protests the violent entry of demonstrators into one of the buildings. And did I mention that the garbage workers have also been on strike for the past month or so?


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