A Visit From the ‘Rents

My parents took a quick six-day trip to Buenos Aires the last week I was there. I really wanted them to see the city, and as I’ll be home for less than 24 hours before heading back to Tufts, it was a nice chance to have some family time.

I had been away for about 11 weeks by the time they came, and so I obviously had a life in Buenos Aires that was completely separate from my life back home with my parents in Albany. As such, I expected that it would be very odd to have my parents there — I though it would be like two very different worlds suddenly colliding in a very unnatural way; anyone who’s had college friends visit at home, or friends from high school visit at college, might understand what I’m talking about.

But, I was wrong — it wasn’t weird, or unusual, or strange, and I enjoyed seeing them for dinner every night and spending the weekend with them. Perhaps I didn’t feel like two separate worlds were intermixing simply because they weren’t.

Until now, I’ve always felt like I needed to make an effort to keep my home life with my parents separate from my life in high school or my life at Tufts, as I still wasn’t as much of an adult as I wanted to be. However, when they visited in Buenos Aires, I felt comfortable and confident enough with my own adult(ish) life there that it was possible for them to be there without “invading” my life. For the first time, I implicitly knew that Buenos Aires was my thing, not theirs, and that they really were just visitors taking a quick peek around. After this summer I do feel much more like an adult, which I know may sound strange coming from a 19 year-old college sophomore, but take my word for it.

One response to “A Visit From the ‘Rents

  1. (Elizabeth’s father:) Thank you for this, I appreciate it. I certainly see you as an adult and have for some time. Perhaps unlike some parents, I think we have been very willing for the umbilical to be cut, and while of course we do want to remain part of your life, the relationship must be different from what it is between parents and a minor child still under their wing.

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