This blog will document my summer in Buenos Aires, Argentina — both for my own benefit, so I can look back on all of this later, and for anyone else who wants to keep up with my adventures. I will be there through all of June, July, and August, during which time I will be living with a host family and interning at a company called CADAL (Centro para la Apertura y Desarrollo de America Latina — or, in English, which I assume is the dominant language of most of you readers: The Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America). This whole trip was organized and facilitated by a company called Panrimo, and I am very grateful for all of their help and personalized support!

Check back often for new posts and pictures (oh there will be so many pictures!), and if you really like what you read/see you can click the “Follow” button on the lower right to receive new posts via e-mail.

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